Left 4 Dead Swamp (W.I.P)

Hi there,

I present you a new project ( hope I can finished it soon ). It’s a map based on the swamp of clear sky for L4D. It still WIP. I’ve made a basic scene to test my models and build the nav mesh to see if it’s fun to kill infected in the bushes.











Wow, looks really nice so far, add some propane tanks in the fields, and maybe barbed wire fences, and you’d have a hell of a Survival map!

Good idea ^^. Thanks

If only there were Propane tanks and Barbed wire fences, lol.

I love the concept of this map. Will be awesome for survival once you finish it.
Keep up the good work.

This looks f*cking awesome!!!

Nice job, the resemblance to Clear Sky is really well done.

Do the shrubs move and sway when you run through them? Because that would be really cool.

Actually no, but if I find a way to do it I’ll add it. Thanks

So good, I am going to bookmark this. Keep it up!


A suggestion: add a 3d skybox if you have room.

How are people mapping for L4D now? :downs:

with the L4D SDK :downs:

…The Authoring Tools?


wicked awesome :0

Perhaps you can change the lighting to a sunset, like 6pm? It’d look alot cooler IMO.

That’s a lot of foliage. How does the performance compare to other L4D maps?

Looks very Clear Sky-ish. Awesome. I definitely will DL this when it’s done.

Also, Joerdgs, if it’s anything like Blood Harvest, it won’t lag much. They’re not very high-quality textures, so I can’t imagine a huge hit on the performance.

Absolutely no consequences. Since ep2 the source engine can use many foliage texture easely


The new skybox and lighting are now set up to look like to a sunset

Dude, awesome. I think the only way to make this map even more epic is to have random blowouts. :smiley:

The resemblance to CS is insane. I love it.


If you could add buildings sorta like this:


That’d be amazing.

Yeah of course. By the way is there any way to find the details.vbsp of L4D .