Left 4 Dead SWEPS?

Is there any L4D sweps for garry’s mod? Because ive searched gmod.org but none there and ect.

If you find some please let me know.



Gmod will not have Left 4 Dead sweps unless a amazing coder with alot of experience tries to code in the weapons.

But the chances are no.

isn’t it just to code it like a normal swep but with l2d wiew and world model?

No its a little bit didffernt because they have a hand view model and then the gun view model

If anyone can get me all the sounds, models, and materials I need I can for sure do it :slight_smile:

Haha, no. Unless you are a damn good lua-maker, you wont.

I kind of am :slight_smile:
I made the sniper from l4d2 with the models and materials, but no sound.


let him try yeah.

I am currently done with:
L4D2 sniper (View models from the huge l4d2 model pack)


Edit: I got left 4 dead 1 :dance:
and css
and ep2 :smiley:

well if you made it then leave a link to the lfd 2 sniper and if you do ill give you all the modles and sound stuff.

Honestly. Most of the L4D weapons are just CSS weapons with a few reskins and a different C_model for the hands.

I know how. Its tricky, I have not done it but I know it will work. if you have l4d, you dig into the lua and copy the weapon files and paste them in add-on format to you garrys mod addons folder.

ur guys are dumb
check this thread out

The reason there are none is because the way the view model works in l4d there is the gun and then there is your players hands and they are two seperate models so if you were a awesome coder you might be able to make some

There a m16 from 14d, but that’s all I found.
Try looking it up, if its warez and you bitch about it, your a faggot.

This thread screams stupid. Research!


Yeah it’s on there now. It comes with models though. Just delete them. I think they’re L4D2 though. It’s down right this second. There’s too many sentences.