Left 4 Dead: Tag Der Untoten

Thread music.


** Looks like Hitler’s Final Solution didn’t include Zombies. **

I tried shading, didn’t seem to look too great.


Posing looks really good, as does the camera angle. I think the smoke is a bit overkill though and too opaque.

Many of the guns back in WWII usually spew that much smoke. I didn’t really want to coat the entire shot in smoke so I tried blurring and making it slightly opaque.

looks nice, smoke looks a bit 2d but overall good pic

Solid posing. This is kick ass zombie slaughter. Art for you.

What’s with the smoke?


looks like they have plasma rifles or some shit

The Bill kicking the zombie in the face part is just too much to handle.

Wow Zoey is being useless.

She’s offering Ellis positive reinforcement.

She is horny. That’s what she is. The little…

Sieht nett aus :slight_smile:

My new wallpaper.

They clash a bit with the background but the posing is tad awesome.
The effects are pretty nice but could use some improvement, the muzzleflashes could be abit more fire-ish for example.

i give you an artys for best l4d pose on facepunch

What the fuck is up with the red box outline on the left side?


And the right. You forgot to edit them out. Big mistake bro.

I miss Richtofen’s yelling and screaming. I should play WaW again sometime.

Um, yeah, what box outline?

too much gunfire on the right, it’s distracting from the left side

Oh true, there is a big red box near nick, rectangle like.

I still don’t see it on my screen.