Left 4 Dead The Sacrifice DLC Content

Well friends i ported The Sacrifice DLC Content from Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2 to Garry’s Mod.

This Content pack includes:
-A new Tank model.
-A new Generator model.
-A new kind of exploding barrel thingy 0_0.
-A bunch of cement blocks.
-A bunch of broken and normal boats.
-And A LOT of cool shit.

http://www.filefront.com/17357370/L4D The Sacrifice Content.zip

Dat tank. O.o

Dat tatto!

Oh shi- didn’t see that, cool.

Where are the bikini model witches

Valve was stupid not to make the bikini Witches 0__________0 SHIT

I still need to play this on L4D2. Is there any difference between the two?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The l4d2 SI, weapons, and items (Except for the Defib unit) all show up in the l4d2 version, plus I hear it’s slightly more challenging.

Holy crap, Valve made a new tank model?

The Sacrifice is before The Passing, you have the Left 4 Dead guys going to where they are in The Passing, with a new gamemode, which is called Sacrifice Gameplay. It is where you get to choose who dies to save the others.\

Just thought this topic needed the info for some people :buddy:

those flammable barrels can explode?

Pretty sure someone can simply reskin the nude witch model.

Those bricks can make a good build for shooting and mazes.

Dem boats

I puked the first time i saw the sacrifice tank.
Those bloody shorts are fucking scary on the tank

Sacrifice Tank is a fucking Navy SEAL? HOLY SHIT! Only an SAS Tank could take it on… that or Bill.

There are a bunch of scars/sutures on the top of the Tank’s head.

CEDA/The Military was probably dissecting it. :aaaaa:

jeeeeeeeeeesus christ.


that’s the us marine corps emblem.

It was fairly easy to kill as Louis on his own so I guess he was a shit SEAL.