Left 4 Dead 'The Whip' Port?

Does anybody think they could port over the Truck from L4D’s Crash Course DLC?


(The only reference picture I could find, sorry.)

I was going to make it drivable if someone tells me how to decompile L4D models.

You have to use mdldecompiler V0.4.1 apparently, but i’ve not been able to get it to work ¬.¬

this thing drivable?

Did you untick the box in the program that says “Use Steam File Acces?” If you don’t, it gives you some weird error about Steam and files. Untick that and you should be able to use it. You also need to make sure the .exe is in the bin folder of the sourcesdk folder.

Ok i’ll try unticking it, but yes its in the right place, i’m the one whos been spending the last 2 months telling people where the right place is ¬.¬ (and its not the sdk/bin folder its the sdk/bin/ep1/bin or at least all the other stuff needs to be there including all the other decompilers, if not maybe thats where i’m going wrong :P)

If you guys could i’d like the howitzer from that campaign to please

That looks like it would be much appreciated for the guys who play Zombie Survival.