Left 4 Dead Themed Pose / Or Soldier stares away while squad shoots at Zombies.

Had to use a filter to get the Grain Effect.



C&C appreciated.

The finger posing doesn’t seem right.

Also, they seem to be hovering above the ground.


It does look pretty decent though.

Posing these guys are a little more on the difficult side (Including their asses).
And I am certain it’s just the crappy textures that make it look like they are hovering haha.

Yeah the posing seems a bit stiff and he’s holding the gun funny to me.
I would avoid having a character directly in the middle. It looks much nicer to have him the opposite side of where he’s facing.

For supposed military men, they sure don’t stand like anyone trained in using a rifle. Posing could use some work, and as Katatonic said, try to avoid having a person directly in the middle like that.

It also doesn’t come across as a Left 4 Dead pose, more so just generic military plus zombies (that are barely present) pose. Personally I feel the sharpen is at a reasonable and acceptable level, since it’s not super obnoxious. I guess other general criticisms would be to just reconsider the angle and lighting?

This reminds me of the stuff I used to do and I love it simply for that reason.
Even the title is spot on!

Others have already pointed out the things you could improve posing-wise, but my main problem with the picture is actually that, for something that you say is Left 4 Dead themed, it ended up being a shot of 5 military men casually standing there and aiming their guns. You can barely even see zombies and the lack of muzzle flash says to the viewer that they’re not even firing at said zombies. Sorry, but it’s just rather bland and uneventful.


Hope you don’t mind. I tried to fix some of the shading and colors. http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/61380

I wondered if it was just me. I think a touch up on the shadows would remove this problem. Also the way he is holding the gun seems too tight given the vacant pose he has got. Other than that, good work.