Left 4 Dead: Vent not working?

So I made a vent prop, and when I compile my map and play, it’s not there. What’s going on?

Post compile log.

Is it the right type? (prop_static, prop_physics, prop_dynamic, etc)

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Check the info tab in the model browser

it’s got physics and static ticked, but not dynamic

In that case it should work with both physics and static, but I have seen many props that only work with one of them.
Basically if one doesn’t work, use the other.
prop_physics have a spawnflag to “Disable motion” which makes them static, but you can’t easily make a prop_static having physics.

prop_physics_override, try that.

prop_physics is just fine.

Or prop_dynamic_override if it REALLY needs to be dynamic in some way.

Prop_Physics with motion disabled is all you need