Left 4 Dead VS Left 4 Dead 2 + Something Extra

I made a funnie.


You could at least have removed the black/white from the logos.


Rated Optimistic for having Link in the second pic and for the thing in the first picture. Ellis’ facial expression is awesome in both pics.

Link isn’t gay, or so the fan boys keep telling me:smile:

I know one fanboy who won’t be telling that to you anytime soon.

One down, thousands more left.

Aye. Saw he got a permban.

Yea, Coach and Bill sure have a thing for each other.





Bill’s ability to make out without loosing the cigarette are impressive:clint:

I agree with the other survivor’s expressions about Coach and Bill.

In that one picture it’s going through the side of his mouth…
Also coach is gonna get a cig burn.