Left 4 Dead vs Modern Warfare 2


but model is mw1.
cause i needed faceposable price XD

price wins hands down

Bill, because he has a better beard than Price.

i love bill but i gotta say that i think capt. price will win.

bill that that fucker down

i like zoeys face

I’d say Bill, the Left 4 Dead (1) characters are just too awesome.

Captain Price.

break dance.


Bill will kill (unintentional rhyme) him with his stare.

Bill because his textures are less shitty

Bill. Price’s overly-English nature pisses me off.

no, their teams will kick them out, then bill and price will have to work together thus we will get: ModernDeadWarfare4 and 1/2

zombie ghost?

graveyard task force

They both have gay sex the end!

Bill’s zombie beard will devour Price’s wimpy handlebar.

so much more mw2 chars too so i say mw2

Bill, Price is too old since he was from ww2 (Joking), but also people from Vietnam War are manlier compare to the ones of the Falklands War.

Does anything really need to be said?

It was a tiny joke but hey I do respect elders though.
Plus, Falkland Vets may be younger than Nam Vets