Left 4 Dead Witch texture bug

This happened just after the new update.

The Tank has the same problem, but nothing else.

Does anyone know how to fix it or any ideas if there will be any updates that will fix it?


It did the same thing for me too. I tried spawning a Ep2 prop and it appeared like that. I don’t have Ep2 installed.
Did it somehow delete their textures? You should check.

Did you port it from L4D2 or 1?

Because porting it from 2 does this.

I did it from the 1. It used to work perfectly. Though I did download models for L4D2 a while ago.


Sorry for double posting!

But I fixed it! Thanks for the help, CoolCorky!

You pretty much can’t double post.

Thank god for automerge. :buddy: