Left 4 dead zombies

I am sorry I am asking for this again, but my computer crashed and I lost the links for all of my links to forum links and such and I need the link again to the left 4 dead zombies, sorry for the inconvenience.

can’t you just use the search bar on gmod.org for this? ahh just here take em


Oh ok then.

Ok THANK YOU, I tried but never thought of using the word infected I used Zombies, I failed

keep in mind the l4d2 common infected don’t work so well in gmod

It doesn’t work so well because you have to buy the actual game and mount it in order to not have any lag, or shiny models.

nah it’s cause the l4d2 infected have complicated textures that gmod’s version of source can’t handle. the l4d1 seem ok for the most part.