Left 4 Dead zombies

Hello Facepunch! I have recently acquired Garry’s mod, and almost immediately I’ve grown to dislike Headcrab zombies.

Which is why I’m asking to see if anyone has Left 4 Dead zombies available for GMod, no headcrabs, and they die in 1 or 2 shots, like in L4d and L4d2. For me, it’d make zombie survival attempts a bit more interesting.

So, are there any Left 4 Dead zombies for GMod?

You could search on garrysmod.org for L4D models, then make them into NPCs.

L4D zombies use a whole different engine. You can make a npc using that model but it wont move or have any animations, and you cant shoot off its limbs.

This allows getting L4D1/2 content into GMod and everything else (like NPC-like behaviour) needs someone scripting the sNPCs.

There was a mod for left 4 dead one that made it act similar to gmod, minus the lua. However it’s broken. Bah.

Seeing any of the Special Infected in Gmod would be pretty impressive to see in the OB Engine but they would be buggy as hell, including the animations.