Left 4 Dead's Death Toll--Caves


I have started this thread to bring everyone in the Gmod community a port of the first level of Death Toll. It works well, aside from the obvious lower quality because of the missing film effects.


Left 4 Dead
Garry’s Mod
Gm_mount2 [Optional]



1.Extract the files to you garrysmod folder
2.Download Gm_mount2 or go here:http://www.facepunch.com/threads/849989-L4D-s-No-Mercy-Street-(apartments)-map-ported-to-Garry-s-Mod.

-If any part of the level has a pink/black sheen, then type mat_specular 0 in the console.
-Lagging on lower-end computers—just turn off the fog.
-Entry Safe Room door is missing-spawn it yourself
-I may have left some infected climbs, just not sure.

Final Note
I am currently working on getting Riverside [l4d_smalltown_mainstreet] to work, but the compiler is being a bitch. [Freezing]
If I am not able to get it working, then I may just convert a map from Dead Air or something.
Also, if the fog bothers you, turn it down or just shut it off.
Please report any bugs in the comments section, and I will fix [or try] to fix them as soon as possible.
If Gm_mount2 is fucked up for you, then use the vpk method, as I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you.

-Leave comments below.
L4D’s Greenhouse is on Garrysmod.org!
Mirror errors will get a Filefront link.

God damnit. I need L4D1 for this epic map >.<
And i only have L4D2. ffs.

Is there some way to get these maps without any of the Left 4 Deads?

The No Mercy finale rooftop is just a few threads down from this one, doesn’t need L4D. Unfortunately, though, it’s either a very size-costing or buggy and annoying process (sometimes both) to make these maps compatible with older versions of Source, so using the Mount mod is an easy solution for some - not so much for those without the games.

I am currently working on Riverside and Dead Air’s Greenhouse, Still some bugs in Greenhouse such as gamma problems, while Riverside is still being a bitch to compile. I’ll have Dead Air pics up in a few minutes.

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Alright, Dead Air’s Greenhouse is coming along nicely, aside from this, please keep in mind it is when you look at a certain angle[s]

However, the rest of the map looks fine, and is pretty much ready.

What do you guys think? Should I release it as is? Or can someone tell me how to fix this?

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Indeed the mount is, I just used the vpk method to get the materials I need to actually see the textures.

You could also BSPzip/pakrat the models and textures in, which in some cases works better than using Mount to get the models and mats.

Death Toll – Tunnel*


Request I did a while back :v:

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Also to fix those walls you need to open the vmts in notepad and delete a line. Unfortunately I forget what that line is, but I remember the value is “7”

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I’ll take a look at it. I actually did, and now the colorfulness is gone, but brighter bricks when you look at a certain angle. I’m going to try it with Gm_mount2 and the deleted line.

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Some cases, however, I don’t really want to go through the entire map to find what models and materials it uses, and someone with GCFSCAPE could take them out of the map and use them without actually owning the game.

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Yea, I just went by the map name. it was l4d_smalltown01_caves.

I’d appreciate the Parish Finale, not many bridge maps out there imo

Sorry, I tried to convert the first level of Dead Center, But if you look on my other map thread, It had near fullbright, white shit and broken skybox strewn all around.

Riverside motherfu-… oh, nice ! I finally can explore it in GMod

Any luck getting the rest of the campaign ported?

Boy this sure brings back memories.

Trying to, but the maps are being a bunch of bitches.
Street got about halfway, tried to do the Church, I think it was about 3/4 done before it crashed the compiler. Don’t worry tho, eventually they will get compiled.

L4D’s Greenhouse is on Garrysmod.org!
Mirror errors will get a Filefront link.