Left 4 Flemmings

If you don’t know what a Flemming is, go into Toybox, and type it in. I didn’t make them, but they gave me the idea.

Originally Flemmings are indestructible, but I thought that would be stupid so I made them kill-able in the photo.

Used Gimp 2 to smooth out the edges, make the Flashlight effect realistic, and make the blurry background.


Sorry about Ellis. His fingers unposed from a certain distance, he was the most hardest to pose as his Hitboxes were fucked up, he was not flexible whatsoever and for some reason when I saved the photo it made a weird outline around him and the crowbar.

A lot if not all the posing looks really unnatural and stiff, I’d work on improving that before anything else.

Good idea, painfully terrible execution.

it would be better if there were like 30 flemmings cause only 3 is not really “overwhelming”

There are supposed to be a lot. There’s a lot in the background, and supposed to be a lot more behind the camera (what Nick is shooting at)

Why is the black girl holding the M16 like an RPG?