Left 4 Food

Oookay… so I’m making this new gamemode (that probably will fail very hard) and so far, I’ve done some basic LUA on it (just the three main init, cl_init, shared files) and gotten down to starting a map for this gamemode. I mapped for Left 4 Dead before for fun, so now I’m trying to learn LUA and map for gmod this time.

Left 4 Food is basically you and four other civilians (Kevin, Lisa, Gordon, Michael, Joe, will change names soon) from City 24, experienced a great unknown catastrophe. Bunkering down in an apartment building, you must escape from the city and into the countryside. Soon, the main danger becomes evident; food (I’ll be asking permission from this guy to implement his food mod). After eating Joe, your band of four decides to leave your barricade, and explore the recent events, and ultimately escape to the countryside. Food and hunger is going to be important in this, but I’m still figuring out how to place custom entities in hammer (like food). Someone told me you just have to change an entity’s name to sent_blahblah but I’m not sure

Sorry that I don’t have any screenshots of the map, I’ll get to posting some later.
I just want to know if the idea is okay, or if you would be willing to play it, as this is my first gamemode on gmod. I’m trying to use HL2 textures and models only so more people can enjoy it as some people don’t have CSS or the HL2 episodes.

Oh and if anyone can help me with some basic LUA that would be great because sometimes I don’t know how to fix my LUA errors

I’m kind of lost as to what this gamemode will actually be. I’m guessing it’s something like a survival on the move, where you have to search for food (or cannibalize your teammates)?

Well, so far it’s going to be like L4D, but more focused on food, where you have to go on the move to look for food in a desolated city, and get to the countryside, because something is in the city. The concept is really lame because I’m dealing with LUA right now and it’s a headache.