Left 4 Gmod Stories Vol.7

7-th and maybe the best part of my Left 4 Gmod Stories. You can check out other my vids on my channel. Please tell if I made some mistakes. Your opinion’s very importatnt for me. Thnx :smiley:

Yay another collection of hardly funny random l4d clips … :expressionless: Overdone, boring and not funny. Come up with something more original? Please?


  • Face posing was not the best
  • Smokers tongue is pinkish red not black
  • flailing arms on a ragdoll… come on
  • The jokes were lame and felt like there was no thought behind them ex: The arm wrestling one
  • Fart/poo jokes are only funny to people under the ages of 13.
  • Lip syncing is bad and needs a lot of work.
  • Your spelling needs work. Did you use a spell checker at all?

Thnx. I’ll try to improve it.

It began pretty badly, but there were some entertaining parts throughout the whole thing.

I really lol’d at Bill sleeping on the couch. No one sleeps like that, LMAO.

Your joke with Zoey actually being a Spy caught me off guard… I liked that a lot… had you have had the entire video based around TF2 references like everyone else does I would definitely not have liked it as much.

Nick’s facial expression in the “NEED FOOD” scenario made me lol… intense pissed off


The credit song was epic too, lol.

However, it DID fall into the ‘stupid lol’ category of most GMOD videos. You just did it better than most. I enjoyed it, because it had at least some lols in it, but it’s not something i’d link to a friend. Try planning your jokes out more and work on the delivery, you had some gems in there but aside from that it was much too long.