Left 4 Gmod

I made this today… Got bored :smiley:

I checked today my subscribtions and I was like: “Which damn kid made this picture slideshow?”


Just kidding, the pictures are very nice ; )

Fantastic pics!

wats the music?

Alone in the dark – something or other

I’d sure like to see a list of credits…

I dont have the name of every person who made the screens, and it would be unfair if I only mentioned a few… It does say in the description that I didnt make all of them.

You used two of mine without permission you bastard I’m suing!!11!!

Crediting most of the creators would be fairer than mentioning nobody at all. It is a nice video nonetheless.

The Song is “Olivier De Riviere - An End For a Prelude”.

I had no idea you’d use so many of mine :V

alot of good pics

I hate that game, I got the limited edition for like £14.00 Witch is like $27.00 in american dollars right?