"Left 4 Jurassic Park" 2 Infected Raptors got themselves some food

lol zombies

now this is awesome!

Looks really pweety.
Lighting, colours, posing looks great.
The rain…lacks depth. But the rest is kewl shism.

Thank yah :buddy:

I accidentally rated it optimistic, but its great

Who else thinks these two are Chiago Te-
[Looks at title]
So that’s why dinosaurs are extinct. They got infected with Green Flu and got sorted out by Chiago Ted.

Very well done with the wet edit on the dinosaurs

I really wonder what would raptors do if they could see us. They would prosably first just watch us for a while and then hunt us. Nice picture combine.

Thanks :buddy:

Or they would just charge the shit out of you and maul you to death.
Amazing job combine.

So can we team up with the immune raptors then?

Clever girl…

I like those raptor models, id like too see more of them.

The infected becomes the hunted. Very nice pose Comby:smile:

Thank yah all :buddy:

Holy shit, this is great.

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I really like that you’re starting to branch out, you have a lot of talent and it’s great to see it being applied to some new subject matter.

Now we got Infected Dino :3
Good idea ya

I also like expanding a bit though it may always be some crossover with L4D but lets see what the future holds.

I have no idea how anyone can consider this dumb.

It’s Faron, he has no taste besides optimistic