Left 4 Pillz(parody of left 4 dead)

A poorly made video made by yours truly me :smiley: please give me ideas and tips i suck at ragdoll posing so do not bitch about it alright?
My first serious attempt at a left 4 dead gmod film (wtf am i supposed to call it?!) and i just put a few ideas(i copied ideas from other vids i know) but this was just a test to see if i actually could make something close to funny so tell me what you think!
Ill let you watch now:

Oh and how do i make it so you can watch the video here?

oh and last thing the vid is rather loud in the beginning might turn down your speakers/headset a bit

Try not to overuse ideas like “WTF BOOM”.

I was thinking of cutting it out but then i would have less film it was a matter of length or another really short not so funny video but next video will have less.

wow there is a hundred videos called left 4 pills dude.

It was alright I guess. Kind of funny. I was rockin’ out during the music. I give it a 3/5.

Thanks its better then 2/5 so i thank you :slight_smile:


mine is called left 4 pillz totally different spelling