Left 4 Team (My new background)


Louis - This pose was Easy, and i love it!
Francis - This one was a bit harder Damn you francis skeleton!
Bill - Easy and simple, Just a placeholder
Zoey - The easier, and i don’t like the pose (It was a place holder) i find her something like “Wanna see my pussy, Meet my Uzi!”

What’s Bills left hand doing?
Louis- Pinky is off the gun and his pointer finger looks bent?
Francis- Retarded faceposing, both hands look badly poses, arms seem off.
Zoey-Retarded faceposing, bad fingerposing.

How about you stop being retarded and tell him how its fucking “retarded”.

Bills left hand is on Louis’ shoulder.
Louis - His “pointer” finger? Nothing seems wrong with his fingers.
Francis - Tell him how Francis’ face posing is retarded. None of the hands don’t look badly posed. Arms don’t seem off either.

And for Zoey, your just fucking wrong.

If all you have to say is “retarded faceposing. badly posed fingerposing.” tell him how. Otherwise, get out and never criticize again

As for me, everything seems perfect. Though the gun Francis is holding seems out of place.

Posing isn’t that bad, a few errors. You need to up the graphics too. Also Francis and Zoey have the same expression. Better than what Sottalytober can do

I just looked over Sotta’s posing threads. A lot better then what he can do.

Thanks! Oh, and about the graphics, i took the screenshot with fraps :mmmhmm:

…and why the hell would you do that? All you had to do is press f5 and you could’ve gotten a screenshot without FRAPS sucking up resources like a vacuum.

you are stupider than i remember

I do believe there is something called a camera, it usually looks like a phone, and you can like totally take pictures with it… you should try it out man.

:Dawkins102: You make me miss Zilo

I could have a dick in mouth and my current posing would still be better then his.

Oh, and I just checked your threads…Great marine picture! 10/10.


Look at this picture and afer that look at yours. No offense dude but you havent improved since you started. Sure Kyno is a retard but atleast his pictures arent total bullshit.


Basically I just said your pictures are better than his.
Quit being an idiot.

Sorry, and thanks! i’m just a bit tard :xd:

Lol, the posing is not that bad, the graphs are total shit tho.
And I lol’ed at Combie saying “Quit being an idiot” haha.


he’s laughing because someone called you an idiot and all you can say is "thanks!"


Yeah! :buddy:

and also you need to turn up AA