Left 4 Thousand Arms


Haven’t post any Gmod work in a while.This are one of my old work.
I know there are lots of space on the top left and right but…
Anyway, C&C is welcomed.

For once, I think it would look better without the Color Mod, etc. Anyway, not bad. Thought it was really stupid at first, until I saw the second pic.

I think this is actually a really cool picture. It’s bland on its own but with the 2nd picture it actually makes it much better.

Was expecting zombies reaching into the saferoom door.

Clever:) I went ah deflator, and then oh.

Bill looks fucking badass

Many people had that type of reaction before,so you are not the first :slight_smile:

Hmm, Left 4 Dead 2 survivors are all shorter. Confirms my suspicions.

I don’t know why somehow. maybe I spreaded the legs too wide, I guess, making Ellis the shortest person plus I tried to hide him behind bill so i tried to cover up something resulting in shortness :confused: