Left Behind... Again

Went nuts with texture overlaying and some other gaff. Taking a break from the second big kerfuffle for now.

not-as-compressed slightly larger JPEG

Larger PNG will come eventually, but at the moment it’s too large for my amazing Australian connection and I don’t have much time to upload.

C&C welcome as always

This reminds me a bit of the house in the EDZ from destiny 2

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Also, V nice x

I feel like if you cut it in half it’d look better. It’s hard to focus on the pic here. My eyes want to shift to that robot tricerotops to the right of the screen, but also the edge of the protruding building on the left. I like the dedication you put it, but there needs to be some way to center the pic. Like a dude standing right underneath the diagonally hanging square wooden fence blocking a window in the middle. If there was a guy right underneath it, it would center the picture.

Yeah I thought about that later on in the project too.I ended up leaving it though as this was more focused on expanding my knowledge and trying different areas

The texture blending really works well on the rooftop, would look nice if it was on the stuff in the swamp (car, barrel etc) as well. Good job on the lightstacking as well. It’s a matter of artistic choice, but I would go for more noticeable darks in the picture such as what you got here:

the 100% featureless, grey sky looks completely wrong, honestly. not only because it lacks detail, but also because it does not fit the bright feel of the pic nor does it mesh in with the green mist of the atmosphere.

Oh wow!