"Left Behind" Dead Russian guy on the ground

Music for effect:


I like it. The guy on the ground looks kinda goofy just sitting there, but it’s not that bad.

Original? Some of the burning looks a little odd (like the guy on the right looks like he has taken a wet dump in his pants). It looks like you didn’t isolate the dead guy either - there is burning spilling out onto the background. The burning on the dead guy is too harsh too - it looks quite out-of-place.

The posing is okay but the guy on the right is leaning forwards too much by the looks of it.

Check that nothing is clipping before you take the picture!

And I don’t get why everyone keeps equipping ‘Russians’ in their pictures with Israeli weapons.

I don’t know what actual Russian soldiers use, so…
And the original:


AK-101 and AK-105, but everyone uses AK-47 models

Some of the burning went on the wall.
Also some blood would be nice.

Probably because they saw the Russians using them in Cod4 and Cod4:2

Aww, I was hoping for a pose based on a shitty fundamentalist Christian novel.

But either way, this is pretty good.

Guy on the right’s gotta fat ass.

Not bad.

i like the original better.