"оставил" - Left behind russian soldiers moving in an hostile place.


Ищет на полу челюсть
Нихрена себе!

Searches for his jaw on the floor
Holy shit!
If I could I’d give 10 winners!

AMAZING GODDAMN JOB! I…I…I don’t have any words to describe the awesomeness of this. G-R-E-A-T!!!

“Left behind” is “Оставленные Позади” in russian

Damnit, google fails me once again.

Are those the OMON models some Korean kid released? I want them, but he didn’t reply to my PM. >:



Quantum gasmask here!
But other than that, it’s pretty nice.

“Брошенные” will be more literary.
Awesome picture.

Not bad.

There’s no point posting your pictures this big.

Posing is good, I won’t bother commenting on anything else for fear of being lynched

Just go ahead ross.

Brace for impact.

The snow looks like soap. Cool atmosphere and posing tho.

Can you please do a tutorial on posing those models? I just tried and they are so god damn hard!

Err, just pose them as you’d pose any other model, what else would you want me to tell ya. :saddowns:

There’s no point. Everyone will cry like bitches and I’ll probably get banned again for stating facts which apparently only a select few want to acknowledge.

russian bear came inside the room and fucked up those americans and then struck a spear into one of them and then left the room

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and i actually mean RUSSIAN BEAR the user not literally a russian bear animal

I would prefer “Оставленные Позади” because it has more letters and is therefore more awesome. Well, both are right, so who gives a shit

It has such a metro 2033 feel to it when you exit onto the surface, very well executed