Left For Dead 2 Background [Warning: Huge-ass image]

I media-tagged it.
Crap, fixed.



this is awesome, probably your best

-snip, problem fixed-

also whats with the white stuff around some zombies?

Very nice.

Where did their feet go?

Okay, made it a little less obvious that their legs were cut. I probably made a mistake while using gmod.

Pretty cool. The isolation is pretty bad in places, so it makes me wonder how much effort you put into making it.

Also; http://www.l4d.com/blog/post.php?id=3109

Pretty nice but there is some sketchy isolation. Shadows would be nice.

But infected needs some shadows, they’re not realistic without them D:
Anyway, that’s awesome.

You all realize that’s concept art right?

All he did was silhouette the survivors and paste 'em. Valve did the rest.

What? Really? You mean the zombies were already there? Wow. Valve sucks at PS apparently.

Haven’t you seen the other concept arts? It looks like shit.



That’s some concept art, they all look copy pasted.

Yup, you’re right on. I thought it might look great with the L4D2 characters silhouetted.

It does look good, just improve your isolation a bit.

I still wuw u<3


Rate me optimistic.

Nice, besides the isolation problems.

Looks really nice man, i like those silhouettes :slight_smile: