Left for dead 2 props, textures

sorry if this has been asked before, but i couldn’t find anything.
I think i’ve seen how to do this somewhere, but i can’t remember where i saw it…
I want the Left for dead 2 (or maybe left 4 dead 1…) props and textures when i’m mapping in the EP2 engine for garry’s mod, that is possible right?

Download and install GCFscape then open up the L4D2 pak01_dir.vpk in it and extract the models and materials folders to steamapps/username/half life 2 episode 2/ep2

Make sure you get rid of the HUD and particle materials though otherwise your crosshair and fire will be messed up.

You have L4D/2, right?

There’s a fix I believe you have to perform on the models otherwise they won’t show up.

The .vtx fix.


Okay, thank you!

Yes i do.

Thank you

That .vtx fixer works for both L4D and L4D2 and to use it, just put in your main folder and double click it.