"Left for dead" - SF make a last stand against a hoard

Not posed by me. Posed by someone who’s FP name I can’t remember. Will post it when I know it.


Original: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/de_chateau00031.jpg
Comparison: http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/18190

PS. I had fun blowing up the zombie on the left’s head.


They look to relaxed, as if it was a training excersise.

Go talk to Taggart about faceposing then.

Thanks for the dumb rating.

This really reminds me of resistance777.

I like the muzzle flashes and the angle of the pic is pretty good too. Nice work.

The gore is great, aswell as the smoke.
The muzzleflashes are a bit too orange at the edges too.

They look pretty genteel despite the fact that they’re about to die.

The muzzleflash on the far right looks too squatted

Yeah I kinda started to run out of muzzleflashes.

Damn you are good Chesty! Rated artistic.

Very nice indeed!
Love that blood

Yeah i agree they should run to a corner and shit their pants instead like real soldiers do.

Great editing chesty. I especially like the left part of the picture . The right one is a bit too empty.

you shouldn’t give a damn about the ratings

well, I’ll give you a palette if it makes you feel any better.

No, I don’t think he means face posing.

They aren’t tense, if you’re fighting a horde with a pistol and theres 2400 zombies an inch away, you don’t stand relaxed like the guy in the front. He has is arm by his side, that shows he really doesn’t think he’ll die. Not to guide the pistol or to hold the horde back.

Not your fault though, you didn’t pose it :stuck_out_tongue:

If I remember my conversation with the poser correctly, the picture is inspired by Warhammer 40,000 “Space Marine” artwork and so I think the soldiers are supposed to be stead-fast and resolute in their defence, despite their impending doom. Sort of like Custer at the Little Big Horn (not saying that man was good or anything, because he wasn’t).

Regardless though, the picture was good for me to practice gore (especially exploding heads, seeing as there is a competition for that) and in that respect I think the picture turned out very well indeed.

Thanks a lot for the comments everyone, keep them coming!

Muzzleflashes could do with less orange, but otherwise this is excellent. I love the blood, the blur, and the smoke. And props to whoever posed this awesome looking scene.

Posing is to relaxed as pointed out, but editing is real nice. Like the zombie head going up in blood and fragments. Well done.

Nice. Maybe just headhack citizen faces on 'em to fix the faceposing thing.

the posing and composition is terrible. i don’t know why you even bothered to edit an otherwise mediocre picture to begin with

Uhh…wrong thread?

no. it’s pretty terrible.