Left For Dead - Survivors find out they were abandoned by the military

looks like there’s been a change of plans :c00l:


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:siren:listen up faggots original is up:siren:


Edited with Zeraxify’s edits!




Holy shit, Stealth. This is awesome.



What’s the map?

its cs_nightvisionv1:

Wow. This is pretty good. You can feel the despair:) Face and body posing is spot on. Palette is given.

nice posing and editing. nick looks like he has to puke :v:

Can you upload the original so I can edit it?

mhhh… his face is a little bit glitschig
but sonst very guad


but anyways stea1th this is awesome

It’s better off :v:

Great stuff man

Thanks. Now you made me all sad.

do you really think that if you write all the words you dont know down in german, all the people here will understand what you are trying to say?

Almost looks real.

of course, i’ll update it in the OP right now.

What’s up with the gray?

Looks pretty good.

Haha, you know I love you

:3 :love:


My edit!

I couldn’t decide which version to upload, so I uploaded both :stuck_out_tongue:



I think I like the day version the best.

I hold a finger on the night version. Good smoke and glow detail there Zeraxify. The glowing ashes falling down I am not so sure of. But good nevertheless.

Bill looks so sad…

my god Zerax that is wonderful. thanks for the edit brah :buddy:
@Airsoft Boy
wouldn’t you be sad if the military left you to die in a zombie apocalypse :3: