Left for Dead :Vietnam

L4D Vietnam
I know it needs work …
Just got photoshop and i dunno how to use most of the features
scratch that…
all of the features…
C&C pls and links to someone who could give me tips on how to use photoshop

Well, you can just post this on edit my screenshot thread.


Here: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1089676

wait WHAT is that an M16A3 in VIETNAM?

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i made an incredibly simplistic and admittedly lazy edit


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My M16A1 models didn’t work and that’s an A2 pretty close model i think…

It’s too bright, man.

i know. i’m working on a nicer, Apocalypse-Now style edit atm

Thanks but when your done please tell me how you did it because i wanna try my hand at picture editing too :downs:

don’t use :downs:. that’s an emote for when someone is being retarded/sarcasm.

Have you check’d any editing tutorials? There is pretty useful stuff, ya know.

I see… anyways good luck

i mainly changed the hue of the yellows/reds in GIMP via hue/saturation in the color dropdown, applied motion blur in levels to the blades(sloppily, i’ll admit.), applied low-level softglow, and then topped off with a small lighting effect via bruses on the muzzleflash

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befoer anyone says heli blades are more pronounced

nope. unless you use a long exposure they’re almost always visually still.

Wait wait, zombies in Vietnam?

How inaccurate.

It’s still too bright.

Excellent I’m gonna try making more pictures and I’ll try editing them with photoshop…
Tell me it the idea of L4D Vietnam interesting?

It’s the source image, If there were no clouds it’d be fine.

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i use GIMP, it’s much much easier to grasp than photoshop at first. You can do more with Photoshop but i’d reccomend GIMP first.

ok i give it a go

You should just try getting better at scene building and use more ingame effects.
That way you hardly need any after editing.

Them floating helicopters.