Left! Go Left!


Fun Fact: Both explosions are in-game.
You can see the other pictures in the ‘series’ here: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1110458

How the hell did you get explosions like that IN-GAME?!

Custom particles/entities and some physics props?

Where did you get most of those street props? and the store on the right, that’s edited in right?

Good picture man.

those are some nice ass in game explosions.

Wait, I just noticed that Juggernaught is is shooting at a bunch of Kleiners.

VMan’s explosion replacement.

Holy frick. Looks like some fun as hell gamemode.

HUD looks like the one from Borderlands

Hud seems a bit to colorful for a game like this.

tacticools? Nice gun

Where is that?

You could’ve posed some hands holding the point of view weapon, but otherwise it’s P. cool.

Lol. Juggs the Juggernaut.

Kleiners? CoD Juggernauts? Mass Effect? Halo? TF2 Engineer? HL2 citizens? Jimmy Gibbs Jr?

This game must be pretty fucking intense.

Q&A Time!

Asteroidrules hit the nail on the head. I froze some rubble props in a outward blast shape, and using dynamite detonated some bombs right when I took the picture. I also used Vman’s Explosion replacement. It looks rather nice.

Most of the street props are from Left 4 Dead 2 and Zombie Panic: Source. And Fun Fact #2: Nope, that building on the right is a prop too. Its from one of the GTA packs. The only editing in this picture is the vapour trail from the explosion and the blur on the warthog. And the HUD of course.

Those Mingebags, always starting giant server spanning wars that involve the actual characters from unrelated video games.

That was my basis for the HUD actually. I always liked the Heath bar design of the Borderlands HUD. You’ll notice that the weapon portion has a bit of a MW2 feel; I like that HUD as well.

A soldier from Blacklight: Tango Down is in the Warthog with Juggs and the Engineer too. The other pictures also have characters from Starcraft, Gears of War and Counter-Strike.

It is rather intense.

Haha awesome picture.

Grammar nazi moment, were should be we’re :wink:

I like how it looks good without filter rape.

Where is that GTA pack, I looked for about an hour and couldn’t find it. :\

Doh! I’ll see about fixing that.

There’s about 5 different packs. This is the one that has the building.