Lord of the ring models are a bitch to pose :v:

Good stuff mate.
I had a good lol from them have a funny.

Rated artistic, would rate it funny too but i can’t.



DO you have a link to the models? (The LOTR ones)

they all have a strange fascination with their hands save for nick

Here you go.


I don’t care how bad Francis looks on Gimli that is just freaking awesome.

Francis: “I hate orcs…”

Bill: “Francis is there anything you don’t hate?”

Francis: “You know what I don’t hate, I don’t hate Mithrill vests.”

XD couldn’t resist.

Bonus no longer shows and… I just noticed the rope on Nickogorn, did you have to hang him to pose him?

The rope is from the castle gate. The one from medieval times.

lol at francis

Man, Nick doesn’t seem to be freaked out by this.
A palate is yours.

Francises face is just great lol

Midget louis is awesome.

Hilarious. Nicks expression fits well to that body posture. Have funny.