Legacy Addons not working

Hey, I didn’t play for a while and I wanted to begin coding something, but…

my legacy addons aren’t working anymore.

Did garry change something I missed out? I searched in wiki for more information regarding any changes I missed out, but couldn’t find a solution.

My garrysmod folder somehow renamed itself to “garrysmod_old”, but I can’t find a folder saying “garrysmod” or “garrysmod_new” , so the old folder still has to be in use.

How can I test my addons localy? Or do I really need to update them on workshop everytime I want to change and test something? (I am not able to download GMPuplish or GMad, too.)

Any help and infos about last changes would be nice. Thanks in advance.

The garry’s mod folder location was changed when garry’s mod moved to steampipe.

Steampipe games (depending on what your OS is) can be found here: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common