Legacy Branch: Missing executable for Linux version.

Not tried the Windows version, but other than that thread title says it all.
Is the Linux client for Legacy still available anywhere?

Well, looks like things have been taken a step further. Now not only is the Legacy client not working for Linux, but also the reboot doesn’t work either. And hasn’t for several weeks.

jesus withnail, enough spamming this topic already.

this kind of crap won’t speed up linux support. don’t get yourself banned for behaving like an entitled brat…

Am I hallucinating, or did this dude revive more than a dozen threads to complain about the same problem?

You are hallucinating.

He revived a dozen threads to highlight the fact that almost none of them have been addressed. He just added in the point that he can’t connect at all to drive home how severe the state of Rust is on linux.