legacy branch support?

Will be supported the legacy (now is default) branch? I mean small updates to fix minor bugs, vulnerabilities. Or all attention will be paid to the new branch.

The legacy build is no longer being updated.

This is true, but I believe that there will still be mods and other uses for it. Personally I am excited for the new changes and can not understand why anyone would go back.

Once developers have decided to leave the old branch, then there will be people who will play it. It is logical to pay attention on this part of the audience. Or abandon them. I do not understand why then leave the old branch.

The old branch is being kept around for fun, but the devs don’t have the time to go back and make any changes to it like bugfixes. It works, it’s playable despite the many problems, so there’s no need to burn every copy of the files to the ground and pretend it never existed.

The devs are just putting 100% of their effort on the experimental branch, so the legacy branch is staying the way it is. People who want to play on legacy servers can, but they do so knowing that the devs don’t support that version anymore. If they want the support of the developers, they need to get onto the active version that the devs are pushing forward.

The old version is not going to stop working if it doesn’t get a handshake from garry every month. There’s no reason not to keep it around, but putting more work into it would just distract from the real future of Rust.

As a developer who’s shipped a few titles you’d be amazed the shit we “throw” away lol. It’s not uncommon for projects to do 180 degree turns and leave all the old stuff in the dust.

180 degree, we come to the very origins. I am kidding :slight_smile:

The FRACT OSC devs, according to one interview, scrapped enough content to make two whole versions of the game – the world was effectively scrapped and started over twice, just in pieces instead of all at once. And the in-game map is not a tiny box, either, it takes a couple hours to explore all of it and see everything, never mind solve puzzles.

So, yeah, as much as you try and minimize it, you throw out anything that doesn’t make the cut, and unless you’re Sergey Titov-tier, or you think Limbo of the Lost is genuinely a quality game, you should set the mark fairly high which means a lot is getting cut.

During the development of Doom, id Software had this expansive, crazy open-world concept that was far beyond the technology available at the time. However, before they came to realize that they just could not pull off this vision with the Doom engine such as it was and what they knew how to do, Tom Hall was put to work on building the one world map. So he went nuts and spent an entire month building this huge world with fortresses and bridges and city areas and so on.

Finally, the coders realized they had to cut the idea back and make it level-based, not an open world with no loading and all. Going from open-world to level maps meant Tom’s month of work on the big world map went straight in the trash, unusable for anything.

Great artists also make great masterpieces, after are tearing canvas and start again.

I wouldn’t say it’s being kept around for fun. I would say its being kept around because the “reboot” branch isn’t ready to replace it.

Well, I said “is being” when I should have said “will be”, really. At the moment, experimental isn’t ready to replace the old branch, but when it is, the old branch will probably be kept around for S&G. And I’m paraphrasing from garry’s own words when he announced the experimental branch.

I just didn’t feel like typing “the old version is being kept around until the experimental branch is ready to replace it and then it’ll likely be kept around for fun” out all the way in the middle of that sentence. In shortening the sentence, I did change the meaning slightly, yes.