Legacy Crossover issues

i use to host a legacy server on my computer and i got rid of it once the new rust came out. However i seem to now be unable to play the new rust. Every time i launch it it gets to the loading screen and just stays there and never gets to the menu. However Legacy seems to work just fine.
Is there a solution to this endless loading problem?

What are your system specs? CPU, RAM, video card.

From the top of my memory.
It has 8gb Ram,
Runs a nvdia 760 i believe.
It’s quite a tough machine, it can run GTA V on 60fps.
sorry, i can’t tell more as i’m currently not with said PC.

It’s difficult to tell you what’s wrong if you’re not at the PC that’s having the issue.

I know, sorry.
The thing is that it runs legacy just fine, and it loads the game up fine it jsut sticks at the loading screen. I know it isn’t my PC specs that are the issue but something with the game files.

This thread’ll still be here when you’re back at that PC, so you can swing by for troubleshooting then, yeah?

Given that you said 8GB of RAM I’m sure that it doesn’t have much to do with the specs if anything at all, and it’s a software issue somewhere, but it’s almost impossible to sort out software issues as a thought experiment, lol. So, let’s press pause on troubleshooting for now, and you come on back to this thread when you can sit at that machine and do things with it.

Note: This does not mean you have to log out of the forum. I’m not telling you to go away, just that it’s not worth talking about it until you’re at the computer having problems. :v:

yeah makes sense, thanks.
I was hoping it was a common issue and there was an easy fix. Thanks anyway.

It’s a common symptom shared by a number of common issues, and it’s fairly easy to work through each one until we find the booboo, but… it’s just it, that takes interacting with the machine. So, unfortunately we can’t do much for you when you’re out of range. :pcrepair:

Hi, sorry i finally got back to the PC having the issues.
It’s still will load up fine but never get to the menu, all i see is loading and a red rectangle bouncing on my screen, taunting me.

What happens if you launch RustClient.exe directly? (Note that this will cause you to get kicked if you try and join secured servers, if this gets past the loading screen problem you’re having now.)

Do you have an antivirus or firewall package installed? And what version of Windows is the game PC running?

Nothing unfortunately, same issue. just gets to screen says loading and nothing.

i do not have any anti-virus installed except windows defender and I’ve given rust privileges to pass firewalls