Legacy guys, say why you don't like new rust here.

Hello, I noticed that some of us (including me) don’t like the new rust as much as Legacy, so that we get it clear why are we still splitted into 2 groups.

I personally thing that everything is just too wavy when you move, the ambience is not post apocaliptic (everything too nice) and just FPS.

I don’t get your last point. Legacy was even more just FPS.

I loved Legacy and outright rejected New Rust, but things are different now. I think both are good, but New Rust is objectively better now.

No matter how many people complain or post on the forums, Garry explained that the new Rust will be the only thing he’ll work on, and legacy would eventually be completely erased. People really need to understand that this fact isn’t going to change.

I know what garry said, and i understand that he will not be working on Legacy, and it was not my point,
my point was to see why people hate the new rust so much.

Check the forum log for the last two months or search for legacy vs experimental. You’ll see dissertations on the relative merits on one vs other–as well as the trolling recriminations from both sides these threads usually vomit forth. :slight_smile:

Its was an Competetiv Survival shooter. Where Base placement and kills have an impact cuz you give them people that spot or that weapon. that they can use against you.

While New rust is massivly big and more an grinding like game with pvp elements

Remember to focus your feedback on what you would like changed in current Rust more than how Legacy was better.

“competetiv Survival” -> Hapis Island improvment -> Legacy Like map -> Garry Programms -> Profit?

This thread is meaningless

It seems like they are completely unable to make a map like legacy, which is why the Hapis terrain is nothing like the legacy map. I would love to know why, but I am guessing the change to Unity 5 made it impossible to make terrain like legacy. Moving to Unity 5 had some HUGE negatives: maps are much worse, and performance is much worse.

After they build more rad towns and roads in Hapis, the terrain will still be completely unlike legacy map. Hapis still could be very cool, and I like the idea of a map we can learn to know well.

The only thing that I preferred in Legacy, over Experimental, was the sense of community - radiation was a joke, and the entire map was enclosed with only a minority of players living/exploring in the wasteland, meaning everyone was forced to interact with each other, and communities made from complete strangers around rad-towns, were about as common as having your brains bashed in by a Bambi.

Ultimately, that means nothing - I vastly approve of Experimental over Legacy. Just having to get used to actually being able to hide, finally, and play lone-wolf.

They could easily import Rust_Island_2013, but they’re not. They’re not remaking it exactly, just as experimental is not a 100% clone of legacy, but a new work using the lessons learned.

You are completely making this up.

Show me one bit of evidence that they can easily import the legacy map into Unity 5.

What a stupid idea: that they could easily let up play on the legacy map, and are refusing to do so.

Cinderstar, why would a different version of the same game engine not allow you to implement the same terrain? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read on this forum all week.

A map is more than just terrain.

Edit: maybe the game engine version is not the reason. I don’t know. But there must be some reason they can’t do this. Maybe how they have coded the new version.

When they created Hapis they could have easily made it just like legacy - but decided to start with a bland procedural map? I don’t think so.

Maybe someone from FP can tell us if they can “easily” just give us a map like legacy. Because players have been saying for months how much better the legacy map is.

The new procedural maps look nothing like legacy in terms of the rocks. Are you rally so sure they could easily give us a completely different looking map in the new Rust version?

How hard would it be to recreate or straight-up import the assets from the original map and then add it? They made the map in the first place, and they then wrote a procedural map system afterwards. How hard could it be to go back to the first round?

It’d probably take more than an hour, so it’s not that fast and easy, but it’s software, anything is doable.

And, yes, they could have the legacy map available without too much trouble, but the devs have made the deliberate decision not to – Hapis is not a 1:1 remake but is “inspired” by R_I_2013. So, good job, you’re talking shit about the devs. :v:

Devblog 37

Devblog 40

Now, thirteen weeks pass after those blogs go up, and everyone expects a direct 1:1 port of Rust_Island_2013. And then:

Devblog 53

Devblog 54

Devblog 57

Devblog 58

There is no reason they can’t – they won’t. Hapis is inspired by what legacy’s map had (and the procedural map currently doesn’t). Hapis is not finished and is undergoing improvement, just as the procedural generation maps are, so of course it isn’t as complete as the legacy map. Eventually, custom maps by players will be possible and you’ll be able to import legacy’s map yourself if you want it so bad.

I try and treat you with respect (even though we are usually on opposite ends of arguments), cinderstar, but this time you really don’t know what the shit you’re talking about.

Go look at devblog 58 for their exact words. They specifically state that even though people are already calling iit the legacy map, it’s an entirely new map. Just because legacy players want it to be a carbon copy, like SO BADLY YOU GUYS, doesn’t make them right, nor does it state anywhere that this is due to technical limitations. It was a design choice because they were clearly unhappy with aspects of the legacy map.

Now that being said, they did mention that it could receive drastic changes over the months and to not lose your shit over it. You gotta remember that hapis is one map created just last april, and compared to the thousands of possible maps the proc gen system can create, it’s pretty low priority.

Edit: damnit elix

I think you don’t know how much work it would take.

And FP saying they want the new version to be different than legacy has nothing to do with how hard it would be to give us a legacy-terrain style map.

You are just making this up: they do not use legacy terrain on the map because they don’t want to, not because of the work involved. Only the devs know the reasons for this.

We don’t know the technical limitations or how hard it would be to have true legacy type terrain on the new maps. But we have seen them work on the new maps for months, and barely be able to increase the rockiness of those maps. Facepunch and players have wanted them to increase the rocks on the new maps, and they have slowly done this.

I am still calling bullshit on the idea that it would be very easy to create a map with legacy style terrain and mountains, and they just have decided not to add something that made gameplay very good in Legacy Rust.