legacy map seed number?

Yo as the title says, anyone knows what the legacy map seed will be? maybe Garry will tell us in the dev. blog :slight_smile:

haven’t had any confirmation of it being complete yet as far as i know:)

It’s not going to be a seed - you simply specify something like +server.level LegacyMap rather than a seed - I’m not sure we know what the name will be yet.

Erm… yeah it has. It’s most likely dropping in tomorrows/next weeks update.

edit: Here ya go, bro - http://www.rustafied.com/updates/2015/4/27/new-terrain-life-info-screen-beancan-grenade-and-ai

"Terrain improvements

This branch, which Andre and Petur have been working on for weeks, includes improvements to the procedural map generation system along with a new map, LegacyLevel. That’s right, a rendition of that Legacy map we all know and love is slated to go live this week. None of this has been merged into the main branch yet so we have no visuals, however, you better believe I’ll be posting a shitload of content as soon as it’s merged."

http://www.rustafied.com/updates/2015/4/27/new-terrain-life-info-screen-beancan-grenade-and-ai (your link 404’s for some reason)

rustified tend to have pretty up to date information for non-fp guys, but that’s not really “confirming” the map is ready, just that they aim for it’s release within the week. either way it doesn’t change the answer that there is no seed for it right now.

Whoops! My bad, messed up one of my edits. The Rustafied guys are usually in talks with Garry and the rest of the FP team a lot of the time, so if they seem to be in the know I would bet that they heard it from an inside source.

Keep in mind this is 100% me speculating, but regardless I’d expect to see the Legacy map in game real soon. :slight_smile:

It’s not a seed number, it’s a level. ‘legacylevel’ to be exact.

Looks like to get it running you’ll want to remove the worldsize and seed definitions from your server start and add +server.level “legacylevel”

You can play the legacy map now in the development-debug Rust

Thanks mate. no.1

Once that legacy map drops I will be on it like white on rice. I love that map!

If you’re expecting Rust_Island_2013 prepare to be disappointed. It’s a new procedural map inspired by the legacy map and its dense clusters of stuff (and a ring road), not an imported version of the old map.

Btw the name is now changed to HapisIsland so you’ll need to start with: +server.level “HapisIsland”

+1 thanks i was just about to pop the question.