Legacy map


does anyone know if the Legacy map is still being ported across and if there has been any update on it? I just cannot play the procedural maps they are way to open and boring it really does not appeal to me at all the game is looking fantastic but the map is just awful in comparison to legacy.


But playing on the same map for month makes it more interesting? :rolleyes:

Legacy has been left untouched and will remain as such as it will no longer be updated

Yes - it’s still being ported across. Look up the @RustUpdates Twitter and look for any messages with “legacy-terrain” in.

Yes, playing on such a good legacy map is better than playing on many boring maps.

I originally thought the Legacy map was better, after all it was well designed, but since they’ve been unsucking the procedural maps I’ve really been enjoying them. I’ll play a Legacy map for nostalgia, but I prefer the current ones right now.

Why not implement a map of legacy in a new rust?

They are porting the legacy map into Rust Experimental, but you do realize that it wont be the same map you’ll barely recognize it due to the graphical difference in fact it’d be funny if they slipped it in, and said they had to turn off the current procedure map to checks some bugs out and everyone had to play the same map, so people complain about the map, say its boring and shit, then SURPRISE! it was the legacy map ya’ll complaining about.

my guess is the legacy map will not be ported until they can get the rocks to generate in concentrated groups like in legacy without the server bogging down, every update they add more rocks so it is getting closer but they are not there yet.

Legacy map won’t be procedurally generated like the new maps, as that process generates pseudo-random terrain based on the seed. My guess is they are doing a meet in the middle approach with some form of interpreting the old map and some form of augmented generation that uses the interpretation to generate the map in the new format.

Based on the new rock clusters after the last update, it seems very viable. It’ll be interesting to see what the performance is, because there are obviously many more rocks in legacy than in a typical new Rust map, even with the new clusters.

The legacy map was huge, and had all the rad towns condensed in the southwest tip of the island. the rest of the island was nothing.

That “nothing” being changed into “something” would be cool, and the map might be fun.

Actually, from the leaked screenshots it looks very much the same. Anyone who has spent a lot of time on legacy will easily be able to pick this up.

Do you know where I can find these screenshots?

for me, model of random gen maps is a lot better than 1 map on every server, its amazing when you looking for “ideal” place for ur base, and after building secure base, you can explore the map

Actually in legacy everyone who played more then 500-1000h know best and “secure” spots for base, or ideal way to get strong, its boring. btw. legacy is like “bugs to win”, idk why ppl still wasting time on not supported version, if they can play on playable and supported edition of Rust

Aye, remember how much of the Legacy map was really used. It was really darn big.
I bet they gonna port over whole island.

There are two kind of people: One half like to sit at home at the furnace, because they like to be secure. The other half likes to go out and explore the world.

To all the cavemen: Just go out and give Experimental a try. After playing one ore two days, you will love the new Maps. The game is absolutely playable and the balances are even better than in legacy.

Give it a try, and maybe you will become as good there as you were in legacy. I know its hard, but be brave!

Got a link? i think i saw one but they were the mountain range if i remember correctly

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Even better i found the Video sneak peak, took a while but i did it, Champion Medal Plz
(the link of these videos can be a bit dodgy sometimes refreshing and waiting a couple of minutes will get it working)

i dont even

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its not about that, like for me i just dont like the procedural maps, just not my thing.

i would however like to have the massive, stock unity island filled with things

Wow, nice find. I can’t remember seeing a video sneak peek of the new Legacy map.
Anyway, sorry that I’m mentioning this again: But I really hope they keep the grass colours like what I see in the video (ofcourse with improvements). My opinion is that the procedural grass (and some other stuff) is way too bright and looks like a teletubbie landscape. I like the darker shades, it brings some more mystique to the environment.

That would be awesome if they made newmans spawn with teletubbie faces, and then you get a human face after 2 or 3 days. Player can decide to either hunt them down or be nice to the teletubbies.