Legacy Rust Microphone Desync Issues Still Prevalent


I am posting this thread in hopes that while understanding new rust is the priority that this one game breaking bug can be fixed for Legacy. I don’t mean to sound entitled but legacy is what I paid for and what I love, and it pains me greatly that one of the last patches to it ruined a major aspect of the game for myself and many other users: Microphone activation causes a desync with the server.

Ie. You press mic button, your voice is picked up for a fraction of a second then you are desynced. While desynced I can see EVERYTHING else happening in real time, players running, killing, talking etc but everything I do is not registered, and if I ask a friend where my body is they will tell me I am standing exactly where I pressed the voice activation key, and that despite running around the map watching all sorts of things happen I am simply not actually there.

This is game breaking because in game voice is one of the only ways to actually identify yourself as a non threat in hopes of not being KOS’d. There is no time to type to someone when they are running at you.
Not to mention screaming like a lunatic while chasing people is half the fun of this game.

So yeah. I don’t think its a whole lot to be asking that a dev or two just takes an afternoon to figure out what the issue is and apply a quick hotfix. Legacy loyalists deserve it, since Legacy is where all that dough for the new version came from.

I have realtek audio drivers and no other options for different drivers. I used a plug in headset(the pink/green jacks) and have tried using a usb webcam mic and both cause desync. I can confirm that this exact same headset/audio drivers did previously allow me to talk in game without any desync issues, and that this bug only surfaced during one of the last patching cycles of the game before all focus was shifted to new rust.

I have scoured google for hours trying to find a fix and every single thread about this has simply gone unanswered, even when legacy was still being supported. PLEASE help us out, we just want to enjoy the game the way it was meant to be even if its on an older version. I may be underestimating the work necessary to fix this issue but quite frankly it doesn’t seem like it’d be much given it was something pushed out in a patch that simply needs to be reversed as everyone who has this issue at one point or another, did not have this issue. Can I please not have this issue anymore?

If I can provide any information to help please tell me. This is a software issue not a hardware issue, since none of this was happening for the longest time until the game received whatever patch that was hiding this dreadful issue. This occurs on both modded and unmodded servers. I do not have a firewall on. I am running game as admin. Please help me scream like a lunatic again Gary, I’ve had some of my funnest video game memories ever in Legacy rust and most of them involve being able to use a microphone.

Legacy is no longer being developed.