Legacy rust - my fav server is having regular (5 second) lag spikes, any history of this?

Hi all, I don’t own the server in question but it’s a very good server, with mature, active admins and mostly a mature server population, so I don’t want to see it die.

Over the last two days there has been regular lag experienced by all players on the server. It manifests as a lag spike about every 4-5 seconds. If you are moving at the time you will be warped backwards. You can sort of “play around it” by running for 6 steps, then stopping and waiting for the spike to hit, then continuing. I say this not to indicate that it’s playable, just as a way of describing the exact issue.

In any case, I was wondering if anyone has seen this kind of lag in Rust before? Obviously it could well be a hosting issue, packet loss, whatever. But if this exact kind of effect has been seen on modded installs (admin mods went onto the server about a week ago), or if it is indicative of a DOS attack, etc, it would really help to know that!