Legacy rust server mod help

I been playing on a few legacy servers and noticed one server in the community section that had commands like /help /rules and this server also had it set up that when you joined it drop tested for speedhacks. I was confused because I don’t play on modded servers ever bu when I was a server owner these commands would have been very helpful…So I guess my question is what server mod allows you to have commands and stuff without moving your server to the modded server list?

Those are people cheating the server listings and risking a permanent IP blacklist from garry. The exception is servers using Rusty or a similar rcon tool. rcon itself doesn’t require modding, and Rusty and similar are rcon-based tools and don’t require modding the server. But anything other than that is a server admin cheating and making their server appear where it shouldn’t.

It’s not something you want to mess with.

Oh I see thank you very very much for the tip I was very curious why it didn’t appear in the modded section

actually, there is a plugin out for modded servers, as in proper servers with plugins, hence why its under the modded server listing area, anyways, the plugin you are talking about checks players for hacks, it will notify anyone with the admin flag, of those who speed run, super jump, fly, loot through walls, and a range of other things.

jaccerz, we’re talking about modded servers under the Community tab, not the Modded tab.