Legacy Server files now open to the public

So Garry has released the server files to us the public,

the server files are in with the experimental file when you download them.

really thought this needed it’s own thread as this is what a lot of people have been waiting for.

More info here > http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1414775&p=45852772&viewfull=1#post45852772

installation info is at the beginning of that thread.

For linux:
xvfb-run --auto-servernum --server-args=’-screen 0 640x480x24:32’ wine rust_server.exe -batchmode -cfg server.cfg -maxplayers 100 -port 28015

edit: it seems to work very well

my run.bat looks like this up to yet

@echo off rust_server.exe -batchmode -hostname “kulan” -maxplayers 75 -port 28015 -datadir “serverdata/”

can’t find a command like “find .” or worked out how to add oxide to the server files but not read up too much yet, just trying to get the basics working, Still new at this stuff so it’s all trial and error for me :slight_smile:

ok found this link helpfull

and the find command (serverside) for legacy is find *

EDIT so been playing about and come up with this

now my run.bat looks like this

@echo off

rust_server.exe -batchmode -hostname “kulan!” -port 28015 -datadir “serverdata/” -cfg serverdata/cfg/server.cfg

and my server.cfg file is this

packet.dropms 800
footsteps.quality 2
rcon.password “********”
server.hostname “kulan”
server.maxplayers 150
server.pvp “true”
sleepers.on “true”
airdrop.min_players “5”
truth.enforce “true”
crafting.timescale “.5”
falldamage.enabled “true”
player.backpackLockTime “60”
cheaters.log “true”

Also looked in to using Oxide 1.8 but the main Mod is not yet publicly available :frowning:

After speaking to an oxide representative the reason oxide is not available to the public is that the oxide files contain the the server files which were not open to the public, now that they are they maybe changing that so we can download oxide 1.8 so it’s fingers crossed and hope they make the decision to release them soon :slight_smile:

Good news.

How do I make my server publicly viewable?

It’s not showing up in the server list

Are you using funky symbols in it? Or repeating characters?

Or your ports on router maybe blocked
You need 28015 TCP and 28016 UDP ports open on router (I think the UDP is for rcon)

does this mean we will get heavily modded rust versions?

If they do release oxide I know I will be putting ad hoc servers up for me and friends with diff mods. Really want to try the infection mod.

Also I see people editing or replacing the map. This might help fill the gap before experimental hits baseline.

Hopefully the server file being open will counter intuitively lower the amount of servers. I have a feeling it might

Not before a dilution of home internet hosted legacy servers it won’t

Saw the Legacy folder appear when I updated the experimental branch today…
Looked on the forums for confirmation…
Sweetness – legacy files are public now as well.

Too little too late! Those files should have been public 6 months ago!

Were you able to find any mod? I’ve just finished setting up the server and installed the Rcon tool

not looked for Magma or essentials(standalone not the oxide plugin) i tried them when i rented servers and did not like them, I just gonna wait for oxide 1.18 to be released, i know 2 oxide admins/reps that are in the same mind so hopefully they will be released soon

@Kulan my server doesn’t create its own cfg file, same happened to the client, so I’m thinking about manually make one but I’m not sure what info and where to add it

you can tell the server to create a config file via this command

then edit the file (copy my config text and change it) or add your own settings

all commands are found via

find *

This Article will show you how to install RustEssentials on a personal hosted server, tested and working.

If you have setup your initial server correctly , following the steps in the Wiki article will allow you to install RustEssentials.

If you get stuck getting the mod installed make a post in the RustEssentials Forums

Edit - Note that the 1.8.3 install files referenced in the Wiki only work on some machines (mine included!) this will be fixed in the 1.8.4 update coming soon. If you try it out and it works, all good, if it doesn’t, just get the 1.8.4 version files upon release!

So will we see some cool modded legacy-version servers soon?

That would be awesome.