Legacy Server Files

Did the legacy server files disappear?
I’ve noticed the Legacy folder no longer exists, now that everything is in the main folder.
I also tried using the legacy branch, but that is empty.

I noticed that too. The Release executables were moved, and the Legacy files are gone altogether.

Good riddance!

me too

Ive updatet via app_update 258550 und now is my legacy server deleted?

Whats gonna happend?


Why this happened? Now my Legacy Server is down and die exp with 4 Users per Day is online… GJ

The main reason this happened, was because there most likely trying to push the new version out, which in all sense, is a good thing because the old one was a good system bogger, Just update to the new server already.

that means no more legacy ?

Actually, I maintain both branches. I honestly saw this coming within the last couple weeks when Garry re-did Jenkins again. I want legacy to be dead, but I was under the impression we could still get these server files using the legacy branch. Merely wanted to point out they’ve gone missing in case Garry isn’t aware. Though, he probably is aware of what he’s done.

i don’t think Garry would port EAC to legacy Just to remove it, He probably will Probably release them when he can or has time,

So lucky i had a back up of the newest legacy server files.

Can u provide a Link to download them please. :slight_smile:

Not sure if i can redistribute the server files without compromising the TOS, If one of the DEV team or mainly Garry puts in writing that the legacy server files are a free commodity and anyone can distribute them i would be more that happy to provide the files till then sorry

This doesn’t mean that legacy servers will die off, does it? That would be horrible. We need the community servers when there are too many hackers on the official ones. Lot’s of people can’t play Experimental either, until they fix performance.

Thankfully, I also took a backup when I knew this change was happening as well… Still figured I’d mention something. But I also will not distribute these files, as I don’t know if I’m allowed.

i will make a link for all

this is my backup from my rust server


They’re on the legacy branch

Hey why i can`t download legacy server using steamcmd!!!

Try adding -beta legacy when you use steamcmd.

does not bring me the files back…

I tried Opt’ing to legacy branch via steam and it does not contain ANY .exe files (i mean any .exe’s NOT even the rust game, so that branch is erroneous now) or server files.

Elix: I had tried that and “-beta bundle” to no avail,

But using the Steamcmd

app_update 258550 -legacy

WORKS :slight_smile:

Nice one garry

Thanks kind people))