Legacy sub-forum on Steam?

Sorry if this isn’t a good place to ask about this, but would it be possible to eventually add a sub-forum for Legacy? Like just a general one for people who play legacy, not about bugs or anything like that. I don’t know, just thought it might be helpful for people who just play legacy.

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^ Sub forum on Steam if that wasn’t clear.

Legacy isn’t supported by the devs anymore. It’s being kept around since, why not, it’s playable and there is still a bunch of people who like playing it.

It will be removed eventually according to Garry.

Well, yes, eventually. I meant that there’s no harm in keeping it around during development, and that’s why garry didn’t smother it in its sleep and overwrite it entirely when he made the switchover to default to new-only.

The point is that legacy’s being kept around because it’s convenient and there are still enough people playing legacy who would be incredibly pissed if legacy was killed off before experimental is, say, six months’ better refined as a playable base the way legacy was (for all its faults).

But garry’s not going to make special accomodations for it because, well, it’s unsupported.

this is really a request for the steam forums themselves, not facepunch.

It’s a good idea. Why not?

That’s fucking lame

So your saying when the have a fully developed and published game they should keep legacy? There’s a reason they made the new Rust lol :hurr:

Yes they should. People still play legacy and they dont update it anymore so what is to them? might aswell let it be for what it is.

No one knows what will happen to legacy. Just the fanatic fanboys will insult you for playing legacy or talking about it. Who knows what will happen with it later.

Because 8 year olds who shouldn’t even be playing this game would keep complaining that legacy is full of bugs. Face it, Legacy is NOT here to stay.

Oh, I know what will happen with it - garry’ll eventually take it out behind the studio and put a bullet in its forehead, and the kids will be told that legacy has gone to live out in the country and is happy. He’s said it’ll eventually be killed off.

When that is, I won’t even pretend I could know. That’s entirely up to garry.