Legal Concerns for a Local Film Festival


I’ve been wanting to make machinima for a while now, and it seems that this week would be the best time to finally get started. My country, the Philippines, is hosting its very first machinima film festival as a part of Cinemanila!

I’m really excited to get started, but I’m honestly not sure how to go about all the legal concerns. From the site, for eligibility:

The entrant agrees that he/she has obtained all rights to display and/or distribute submitted works. We reserve the right to disqualify any submissions that do not comply with this rule. In addition, Cinemanila Machinima cannot be held liable in the event that rights have not been obtained and places sole liability on the entrant in securing these rights.

What is Valve’s policy on this, if I decide to submit an entry for this film festival?

I plan to use Garry’s Mod (upgraded with community mods) and maps, models, and sounds from the Half-Life 2 series. There is no cash prize listed as of yet. There will be a public viewing of entries. I will NOT be selling my work.

Will I also have to request permission from the Garry’s Mod team and the mod authors?

Thanks for your time, guys. I’ve never really experienced going through this before.

I’m sure Garry will allow this.

Valve (Seeing as it’s a question for Valve here) support machimina etc. Hell, they even let you use the faceposer for free and whatsnot, and they’re always taking the communities work and doing something with it (See: Suggestion with guard dog from a community memeber, Valve took it and made it look real).

Awesome! Thanks guys. Now I can actually start working on something :slight_smile:

So besides Catmull and NPC Control, are there any other mods “necessary” for machinima making?