Legality question

I’m working on a server that will run the map: rp_evocity_v17x. However this map requires HL2 ep2 models to be installed to be able to see all materials and models.

Since there are a decent amount of people that doesn’t have ep2, am I allowed to upload only the models and materials, so they can play fine too? Or should they buy it?

I wasn’t sure where to place this…

I don’t think that’s legal, but I also don’t think Valve will sue you or something, seeing that maps like gm_mobenix_v3 have EP2 models packed in.
As long as you keep the number of models downloaded small, you should be fine.

I wasn’t aware that those models could be downloaded anyway…
I think we tried that on our server for the both the DOD player models and HL2 ep2 Models and materials
but somehow they still didn’t appear for players who didn’t buy the game…

Do **[Resource.AddFile](** for all the files that are needed.

Use Pakrat

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Im pretty sure it is illegal, but hell, ever server I join in now has them on download, I don’t think you will get a lawsuit.

Your not allowed to make people download EP2 off your server… Thats illegal but that map your using has some textures that use EP2 so without it it’s still playable… I am developing a gamemode that uses that map and what we are doing a once we released it a massive giveaway of Ep2’s. Maybe you can do that.