Legend of Spyro Models for GMOD

I would love someone to rip the models from the game into GMOD. I have been waiting for a good dragon model, and would love if most of the models from the game was in GMOD. :smiley:

i would love an spyro npc :smiley:

I 'm still hoping for cynder

I hoping you guys won’t bump

I’m hoping this thread delivers!

i really hope someone is gonna make a model pack of the legend of spyro i dont know what to do on gmod anymore

me to

If someone makes another Spyro thread I swear I’m gonna kill you all.

It’s in high demand, but no-one is interested in making it because they said goodbye to their childhood.

Now it is all guns, death, war and zombies.

i asked medrop for making the models :smiley: lets hope he will do it ^^

im not joking i really did


But guns, death, war and zombies were part of my childhood.

sorry to say but i think he refuse, well im not sure he just said he wosent really interested by making spyro for gmod and plus he’s taking a break X)

I already had one topic about Spyro models, and another on a Hunter player model, I saw another guy make another topic, and this topic which equals about 4 topics made as far as I know, and the people who keep saying stop making these Spyro request topics, then how about YOU do it, make it good, and release it. If you can’t do that then don’t even bother posting. Anyways to be on topic, I would like the Young Legend Spyro (I prefer that version over the DOTD version for some reason XP)

I might dislike this game but im not so stupid to click on posts that support it(other then this one to prove a point)

if so

we need some crash too

(the orange guy with the shoes)

If someone does him, then I can imagine a Spyro vs Crash GMOD video XD

i would like crash too i alway play its games when i was young the one i played the must was crash bandicoot 3 on ps1 i really loved that game because of the bazooka lol

On the other post theres a blender model of both spyro and cynder…
i downloaded the cynder blend model to take a look at it, cleaned it up, looks nice…
Theres people that know how to blend for g mod but gota find ones that want to help first…
i my self have no idea how to transfer the models ( ive tried though i cant get it to work).
And i don’t see why someone cant just make em already… i’ve seen these spyro posts for almost 2 years maybe more…

This might be a little late but i am working on cynder model right now :stuck_out_tongue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBhMOJeDYf4