Legend of Zelda Link Player Model [Request!]

I need a player model of Link from Legend Of Zelda.

I am willing to pay a person in steam games about 20 dollars or less I think would be a good price

I also found a Rag Doll of the version I want. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=79133

If you can make it compatible with all the Model Chars then that would be most appreciated.

All it really needs is some lua scripting for a playermodel as far as I know…

Umm no, it needs to be decompiled, completely rerigged with new bones, and then recompiled.

Trust me If it was that easy I would have made every existing ragdoll in the world into a playermodel to shut up the community of roleplayers.

That is why I am paying if you didn’t notice.

But that comment wasn’t directed towards you.

Ok keep rating me dumb because I rated your posts dumb due to being ill-informed, I guess I can stop working on it.

Dude. I gave you more than most they just have a picture of want they want and say do it. I gave you a Rag doll and I was willing to pay. Also, saying “I guess I can stop working on it” is but feeble attempt to make me stop.

Make you stop what? I could care less if you spend time requesting.

Stop the dumb like thing what ever it is

Are you serious?

There is actually a person on facepunch who cares about ratings?

I only rate posts how I feel babe.

I only use facepunch for this. I personally don’t like it that much but I do hope you do continue to do this.

This thread is going nowhere :smiley:
Much like most Playermodel threads

Yeah just like every other playermodel thread.

I’ve been making a lot of dumb posts lately, hopefully someone else can do this because I can’t do much shit then I’ve already done, someone else could do it better than me.

I don’t mean to be a dick or anything but seriously,you can’t solve all your problems using money.

It’s up to the community if they want to make your playermodel or not. Until then,you just have to wait and not whine about it like a fucking retard

I am not good at it. I knew that it was going to be hard so I was going to make the person who made it feel good about it so I made to so I can pay them.

And I can give you a American Dad Episode to watch that can prove otherwise.

What does an American Dad episode have to do with anything?

Not trying to be rude, but using a cartoon to prove your point is pretty stupid. Especially when that cartoon is well known for going against its own logic in pretty much every episode. LuaHelper is right, whether you are wanting to pay or not is pretty much irrelevant. It all comes down to whether or not the community here wants to take up your request or not. You can offer to pay all you want, but it doesn’t mean a thing if nobody is interested in taking up the request. So until that happens, patience is a must.

And besides, Joe’s actually right about the model needing to be re-rigged. I took the time to decompile the model and give it a quick look-see, and it’s not on the Valve skeleton. It would need to be completely re-rigged to the Valve skeleton before it could be turned into a player model.

I was talking about the Episode where Stan’s dad is annoyed and was trying to make Stan do the work himself so Stan’s dad because Stan’s bully so Stan hires Steilo Concos to beat up his dad.

Yeah, I am very bad this stuff. I tried to make my own Player model and I failed because my Adobe Photo Shop failed (it was odd because I had the VTF editor and all that jazz it was 5 (other numbers here).

Umm are you throwing words around or did you actually try making an npc with VTFEdit? :v:

He’s probably trying to grab attention by being a liar.

Pay no mind, Joe

No I tried to edit a model skin and I couldn’t.