Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time N64 Models

I completely agree!

We already have Young Link, Saria, Skull Kid, and a few other Legend of Zelda N64 models, but considering the amount of characters in them, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what the old N64 Zelda games had to offer. Thankfully, The Model Resource has a good deal of these great characters already ripped to its database. So, on behalf of the Zelda fans here on Facepunch, I’d like to request ragdolls and props of any of the significant models from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, including;

Malon (adult);

Ganondorf (Past);

Adult Link + Triforce;



Princess Ruto (Adult);

Young Zelda;

If anyone would be so kind as to rig up some of these characters for Gmod, it would be much appreciated! Here’s a link to the Model Resource in case it can be of some use;

Thanks in advance!

You have my support on this!

You got my obvious support.

I also don’t think Navi will be possible unless someone creates a 3D sphere and adds on the wings, after all Navi was just a 2d sprite in OOT, same for the other fairies in Majoras Mask.

You know, you’re probably right about that, Glitch.

But it still would be nice to have her.

Some people would pose her, some would shoot her, others would find a nice volcano map and chuck her into the lava.

Nah it’d be easy. Just need some decent sprites to make a particle system out of. You’d only have to make a model of her wings then put an attachment on them and attach the particle system to it.

Support!!! Ruto would be ideal. We need more mermaids(or at least mermaid-like creatures) in gmod!

Just to finish off the set, I posted this not too long ago;


Also, for anyone interested, someone completed the Happy Mask Salesman request;




Alright, I haven’t been monitoring my requests very much lately, so I’ll give this a final bump and then let it die completely. After all, someone may discover a way to rip models from the 3DS if it hasn’t been done already, thus making this request obsolete when compared to the opportunities awaiting in Ocarina of Time 3D.

I don’t see why no one is bothering rigging these, even though they’re freely available on that site

guess people just like generic marines and soldiers

Ok, I have to say this.

Link’s nose is weird.

Anyways, support. OoT was a great game. I’m honestly surprised. No one has tried this yet? I’m not the biggest Zelda fan. Nintendo in general has been a pain for me…but this is one of, if not the best, entry in the series. And the main character hasn’t been made yet?

…Also, P.S., your picture of Malon seems to be down. Or I just can’t see it…

Link was ported, either from this or Smash Brothers, I don’t remember which. And I don’t mean the Smash Brothers Brawl version. Young Link too.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that.

The Links that have been ported so far are Melee Link, Brawl Link, and Twilight Princess Link. The original from Ocarina of Time, however, has not been ported.

The Young Link that was ported is indeed from Ocarina of Time though, or at least I would assume as much, and also ported so far are Saria, Skull Kid (Majora’s Mask), and a small amount of props, most related directly to link, such as his sword, shield, and even his belt. Also ported are the Happy Mask Salesman, Marjora’s Mask version (ported in my request thread by two separate people), Navi (a bonus that was packed in with the Happy Mask Salesman by one of the two riggers), and the Moon from Majora’s Mask. There’s also a custom made Ocarina Prop (which I also requested). And then there are the maps.

You forgot that some one ported some of the masks as well.

I didn’t feel the masks were necessary of mention, though I suppose I should have.

And of course, the horribly creepy Elegy of Emptiness statue was ported by Tilloile.

So, I think I’ll just bump this for now, see if anyone’s interested in giving these a shot.

It isn’t from ocarina of time but I’ll post it here anyway.


Ported this a while back, just forgot about it i guess. Has a 2 bodygroupes as seen above.
Anyways enjoy.

Oh wow, awesome. I actually requested this in another thread, so this is perfect. Thanks Lilwasa! I can’t wait to give him a try!

I also quoted your post and put it in the other thread, just in case anyone passing through there/subscribed to it may have missed it.