Legend of Zelda Triforce

I hope this isn’t a waste of time (since I have a sneaking suspicion no one really pays attention to the request thread), but I was hoping I could find a model or, failing that, a special effect of the triforce. Every single mention I’ve found of it here on facepunch has led to dead links (heh), threads where whoever was porting/creating them stopped working on it for one reason or another, or just more requests. So I’m hoping, by making a clear post about it someone might point me to a working link or find a way to share a model of it they have with me. The reason for it is, I might try breaking in to the comic scene here on facepunch (hehe that might scare someone away from sharing it) and I wanted that prop for it.



This would be a nice model to have I may have a go but i’m not promising anything.

I would greatly appreciate it.